Thank You for a Great First 10 Years

Thank you for a great first 10 years!!

Hi Folks,

I’m writing a quick message to thank you all for being great clients and friends. We are now celebrating our first 10 years in business at Deacon Wealth Management.

We feel truly blessed to work with you all, and want you to understand how much we appreciate you.

We had hoped to celebrate with a big gathering, sharing food and stories about the last 10 years, and sharing a vision for the next 10 years.

Unfortunately, the current Coronavirus contagion has made that impractical, as we are concerned about creating a large gathering that could potentially spread the virus.

In lieu of a gathering, I’m writing to express our sincere thanks to you all for making Deacon Wealth Management a successful practice.

Our associates, Patty and Michelle, and I would like to thank you for having a positive impact on our lives, and for making our livelihoods meaningful and enjoyable. Boss is missing seeing you all as well (his pats on the head have been a bit diminished this year).

When we opened the doors 10 years ago, the goal of our firm was to put World class tools to work for each of you, while trying to help you reach your individual, personal financial goals.

You are not a number at Deacon Wealth Management. We cherish our relationship with you, and look forward to the next 10 years!




Darryl G. Barnes, President

Deacon Wealth Management, LLC.