The  Boss

The Boss

The Official Greeter

The Real Boss of the Office

Meet Boss, our resident Black Labrador Retriever. His AKC Registered name is: Candlewoods Meet The New Boss MH. Boss was bred by one of the most famous Labrador Retriever breeders in America, Mary Howley of Candlewood Kennels.

Boss’s pedigree is impeccable. In his 5 generation pedigree, which consists of 62 dogs, 53 of those dogs own titles. 19 of those dogs are in the retriever Hall of Fame, with more sure to join them as time passes.

Boss spends his business hours with us at Deacon Wealth Management. Most of the time, you can catch him napping. His favorite thing to do is make a friend. His second favorite thing is to retrieve waterfowl. He has proven this expertise by earning a “Master Hunter” title from the AKC in the Spring of 2019.

Please feel free to stop by and meet “The Boss” at Deacon Wealth.