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Deacon - Our Firm's Namesake

We are asked constantly, why do you call the firm Deacon Wealth Management? Long story short, the firm is named after my Yellow Labrador Retriever, Deacon. He is the most noble beast I have ever met. He was bred to hunt and loves it. If we can bring half of the desire to our chosen vocation that Deacon brings to hunting, we will be working at a world class level, and our clients will remain happy.

We hope to have our firm share his strong character traits: Loyal (he is a best friend willing to share an adventure and will work hard to earn your respect), Attentive (he is tuned in to his surroundings), Intelligent (he has proven that dogs can be smarter than humans, and more tolerant of our shortcomings), Bold (he works with energy and desire), Strong (pound for pound, one of the best athletes on the planet), and Friendly (he has never met a stranger). His picture hangs in our conference room, and we invite you in to take a look.

If we can provide you with friendly, loyal, attentive service that combines the intelligence to act in a bold, strong fashion to assist you in pursuing your financial goals, we feel that we can provide you with World Class Wealth Management of your serious money.

We look forward to seeing you. Stop by our conference room and see the picture of our namesake!