Rethinking the Model of Success from the 1980s

Rethinking the Model of Success from the 1980s

June 10, 2024

Holistic well-being, purpose-driven work and environmental stewardship

The picture-perfect model of success, painted by the 1980s generation, was dominated by corporate ladders, sprawling houses, and luxury cars. But a wind of change has been blowing through the aspirations of today’s generation, often tagged as the children of the 1980s generation.

Where their predecessors were typified by sheer ambition and material excesses, these young professionals seek a different kind of prosperity – one shaped by work-life harmony, purpose-driven careers, environmental stewardship, and positive community impact.

Harmony Over Hustle

While the 1980s corporate scene glamorized long office hours and personal sacrifices for career gains, today’s young professionals prioritize a balance between their professional endeavors and family life. The realization that success isn't solely about promotions or hefty paychecks but also about nurturing personal relationships and family bonds has led many to scale down ambitions in favor of more flexible work arrangements.

Purpose Over Profits

Being one's boss isn't merely about the allure of autonomy; it's a statement. Over half of the young professionals today prefer steering their ventures rather than blending into large conglomerates. This trend underscores a growing desire to work on missions that align with personal values and create meaningful impacts. For many, success is now defined by the positive changes they usher into society rather than the zeros on their paychecks.

Sustainability as a Pillar of Success

It's evident that sustainability is no longer a 'good-to-have' but a 'must-have' for businesses. With over two-thirds of young professionals believing that businesses should prioritize environmental responsibility, irrespective of costs, it's clear that this generation is on a mission.

They aim to undo the environmental oversights of the past. Embracing sustainable switches, like swapping diesel vans for electric alternatives, isn't just a business strategy – it's a testament to their commitment to a greener planet.

Beyond Materialism

The booming luxury market and the conspicuous consumption of the 1980s painted a clear image of success. Fast-forward to today, and it's evident that the sheen of materialism is fading. Instead of accumulating “things” as symbols of achievement, the new generation is focused on experiences, relationships, and personal growth. For them, the size of one's heart and the impact of their actions hold more weight than the size of their houses or the brand of their cars.

There is no question that the paradigm of success is shifting. The new narrative underscores the importance of holistic well-being, purpose-driven work, and environmental stewardship.

This generation, equipped with the lessons from the past, is setting a precedent – one where success isn't measured by what you have, but by the difference you make.

How do you define success?


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